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Recruitment Methodologies

At Workforce Partners Recruitment we know the importance of taking an accurate job brief and the importance of getting acquainted with the culture of the company. That's why we like to visit you, meet the management team and even talk to some of your high achievers. 

We recruit candidates to fit your position descriptions and ones that will fit into how you conduct your business. We do this by:

  • Meeting you face to face
  • Obtain a job brief
  • Obtain a position description and gain an insight to the culture, beliefs, values and ethics of the company
  • Ask questions
  • Call and follow up frequently

Next Steps

Establish a clear candidate profile.  We match our candidates as closely as possible to meet your brief taking into account culture, beliefs, values and ethics of your company.

Recruitment Methodology Includes:

  • Advertisement writing
  • Telephone screening
  • Personal interviewing
  • Sharing knowledge on position description and company culture
  • Further interviewing to clarify the candidate can do what they say they can do
  • Job matching
  • Reference Checking
  • Refer candidate to client and arrange an interview
  • Follow up after interview with candidate and client


At Workforce Partners Recruitment Pty Ltd we have a serious commitment to Occupational Health and Safety.

We focus on ensuring our staff are aware of the hazards and safe work practices and we value the importance of minimizing the risk of clients and employees alike.

We offer training in OH&S and all industrial temporary and casual staff are required to complete a competency test before placement into work.  We also conduct pre-placement safety assessment at any new client's work sites and conduct regular follow up site inspection to ensure compliance.  We will ensure our Temporary and Casual staff is appropriately skilled and qualified to perform the work they are given to do.

We care about the people in our business.