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Looking Zone - Candidates

The following is a small sample of some excellent candidates who are currently registered with Workforce Partners Recruitment Pty Ltd

Senior Business Manager

Mathew has more than 20 years experience in Business Management where he has transformed the fortunes of under performing business units. He is a senior strategist and operations leader, seeking $100K plus,

Internal Sales Officer/Team Leader

Sharonis an excellent Internal Sales Officer with a background in electrical wiring/cabling and is seeking a busy and challenging role in either internal sales or purchasing.. $60K+ super minimum Western Suburbs.

Customer Service Officer

James has worked in busy call centres where he has had to take between 80 and 100 calls each day. He is in his 30's with excellent communication and is seeking a challenging role. He is personable, articulate and an excellent team member. He has advanced computer skills including advanced SAP. Salary expectations are $50K +



Western Suburbs

Records/Administration Officer

Melinda has had more than 20 years experience in the banking industry where she has been employed as an Administrative and Senior Records Administrator. Following a retrenchment, Melinda is happy to contract work and is seeking $50K + super. Western Suburbs.

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Kay has had more than 25 years experience in Accounts Receivable and has excellent computer skills. She is a specialist Accounts Receivable person and is used to high volume accounts.Kayis available for a contract or permanent position. $60K. With her own car, she is prepared to travel anywhere in the western suburbs.

Transport Customer Service Officer

Christine is 27 years of age and has worked in the transport/cold storage industry and is seeking a full time role in this field. She has a professional manner, has strong computer skills and is a very good communicator. Her salary expectations are $50K + super, Western Suburbs.


Contract or full time-Kay is a degree qualified Accountant who has held senior roles with several major companies. She is a very experienced and hands on financial accountant with strong payroll skills, advanced computer skills who has also worked in the aged care industry. Kay is very articulate, friendly and easy going and would suit any company seeking to add to their accounting team. Either long term contract or full time with salary expectations of $70K plus, Western Suburbs.